Adds, Deletes and Changes

This is a list of stuff we have bought/made for Pilgrim and what happened to it..


  1. Added an UE remote speaker
  2. Replaced KISS bearings
  3. Modified  KISS regulator settings to increase output
  4. Rerouted water system hoses
  5. Replaced water pump
  6. Added triadic pull down line
  7. Replaced anchor light lens on mizzen
  8. Removed windows computer due to failed keyboard/usb interfaces
  9. Added insulation to freezer
  10. Replaced wood instrument panel with lexan


  1. Repaired top of instrument panel damaged by water during storage
  2. Repaired wind speed top of mast transducer
  3. Replaced KISS blades
  4. Replaced KISS regulator
  5. Replaced counterpoise copper tape in aft
  6. Repaired Tri navigation light on main mast
  7. Horn switch replaced
  8. Replaced propane tanks
  9. Aft rail rewelded
  10. Rudder stuffing box tightened
  11. Alternator rebuilt and belt replaced
  12. Aft locker latches replaced
  13. block and tackle added for dink and motor lifts
  14. Throttle cable replaced
  15. Starter battery replaced
  16. Battery chargers installed for backup and Hooka
  17. IOTA charger replaced
  18. Water maker hoses replaced and reconfigured
  19. Diesel furnace fuel pump replaced
  20. Side windows resealed
  21. Main mast stb winch repaired
  22. various mods made to enclosure


  1. Added filter between water tank manifold and water pump
  2. Removed 23 foot SSB whip and replaced with a long wire ... whip was internally corroded
  3. Replaced tank water plastic manifold with metal valves ... air entering from broken plastic parts
  4. Added boat hook holders on 2 forward and one aft shroud
  5. Forward chain plates removed, inspected and replaced with improved gaskets
  6. Centre hatch trim removed and refinished
  7. Propane solenoid replaced ... last one had only 2 years in service
  8. Various unused s/s fittings on stern removed and holes patched
  9. Boarding ladder reinstalled on port side.
  10. Propane tank selector removed and replaced with single hose ... manually attach to new tank
  11. Refrigerator and freezer water pumps replaced by one pump.
  12. Solar panel wiring replaced due to salt corrosion
  13. New aft fan added

  1. Replaced bilge pump switch (original burned out)
  2. Replaced holding tank thruhull (stuck in open position)
  3. Replaced holding tank pump (fitting holding motor to pump broke)
  4. Repaired sea chest filter element (no replacement available)
  5. Turned anchor chain and removed swivel
  6. Added stuffing to stuffing box
  7. Cut access hole in aft just in front of companion way stairs for thruhull access
  8. Replaced 12v batteries under nav seat with 2x6v for greater capacity


  1. Internet booster antenna replaced with upgraded model
  2. Added AB 9.5 double floor inflatable dinghy
  3. Added Tohatsu 9.5 hp outboard
  4. Serviced life raft and added EPIRB
  5. Replaced outboard motor mount on aft rail to handle additional weight
  6. Replaced fuel polisher and centre tank fuel pumps
  7. Replaced all interior lights with LEDs
  8. Replaced all  batteries  (6 and 12 volt) with Interstate
  9. Replaced jack lines
  10. Replaced Magma BBQ regulator and hose
  11. Replaced propane electric cutoff switch
  12. Replaced ST60 speed log transducer
  13. Aligned engine
  14. Fixed many water leaks in port holes and hatches
  15. Replaced SP90 oil pressure sender, oil pressure switch
  16. Replaced AH monitor
  17. Replaced shore power hull connection and all wires to panel
  18. Replaced bow navigation light unit


1         IPad  Air and Garmin software added to reduce navigation computer power requirements

2         Lifeproof  case and mounting cradle added to iPad

3         Solar regulator to allow 2x 85w panels to power fans while in storage

4         Forward sheaves for  mizzen to allow addition of wind generator  haul up halyard

5         Speedseal impeller cover

6         Pancake fans with fluid bearings

7         Added 12 v solar regulator for  fans while cruising

8         Water manifold replaced

9         Oil pressure switch connected to solenoid to power stuff when engine is running

10     Bilge blower added to solenoid to run whenever engine is on

11     Reversed direction of blower to force air into ref/freezer compressor compartment

12     KISS wind generator sent to be rebuilt

13     LED tri-light built and added to main masthead ... failed after 3 months

14     Replaced both heads due to ongoing backflow problems

15     Replaced fresh water pump due continuous backflow problems

16     Updated C Map charts



1         Caribbean courtesy flags (custom via Jane/Sailrite)

a.       Adhesive not strong enough on sail fabric material

2         Waterproof storage box for V berth (Brian/custom)

3         Chafe protection (Davis)

a.       A real winner

4         Saltwater wash down on aft

5         Life raft solar blanket

6         Replacement breakers for electrical panel

7         Forward hatch leak repaired

8         Freezer reinsulated and drainage system installed

9         Crepe pan – hard to find one these days

10     Water manifold materials

11     Nav computer and 12 v power supply. When the power supply was plugged into the computer and the 4 port converter attached sparks flew in all directions from the USB connection. Seems that the power supply uses a floating ground so that the tip voltage to ships ground was 31 volts (power supply 19v plus 12v supply). Needless to say the computer fried. The power supply was a Universal car adapter sold by Radio Shack and comes with many tips and a USB charging socket. Don’t use the supply unless you power all attached devices from the power supply USB port

12     4 port serial to USB converter. Works even after being overvoltaged by the 12 V power supply.

13     Drinking water filter replaced. Came without the cleaning pad.

14     Ronca anchor and 200 feet of 3/8 BBB chain, new swivel.

15     Replaced all interior floods with Philips AccentLED  LEDs

16     Refrigeration checked … no problem found

17     Furler added to staysail. Sail recut for roller

a.       Works like a charm … we now use the staysail

18     Heat exchanger replaced on engine

19     Expansion tank header and pressure cap replaced, oil cooler replaced at 3311.3 hrs

20     Coolant replaced

21     Main sail bag zipper replaced

22     New 60 foot spring line

23     New fender boots

24     2 heaving line bags

25     AIS transponder from ACR  replaces AIS receiver from NASA

a.       Don’t leave home without one

26     Solar vent replaced in aft head

27     Fish finder from Garmin – cut the transducer wire to make it longer – wrong – ordered new transducer and extension cables – costly mistake

28     Pancake fans in V upper shelves, replaced one under bunk  in aft

a.       Buy only ones with ball bearings or fluid bearings

29     Mattress turned

30     Spare main halyard removed due to jamming

a.       The sheaves were installed in the wrong slots and were too far back from the exit that caused the wire to cut the mast at the exit into a marlin spike

31     Genoa and staysail furler lines routed to interior Spinlok

32     Perko Lock Set to replace V berth door unit

33     OpenCPN configured to upload to garmin and Standard Horizon

34     New US vector and raster charts downloaded

35     Prop shaft and coupler replaced  due to lobster pot pickup in Maine

36     Line cutter added to prop shaft



1.       TriStar-45 Solar System Controller to replace the C-40 that failed. This unit is used to divert excess power from the KISS wind generator to the hot water heater when the batteries are fully charged.

a.       After 4 months of use I have the following observations:

                                                               i.      Hard to coordinate charge settings with an alternator and/or battery charger

                                                             ii.      Installed an LED on the divert line to remotely show when the unit was diverting

2.       Taco Luma LED Deck light to replace our mizzen spreader deck light that fell apart during our last crossing.

a.       Great coverage and only draws 0.2 amps.

b.      Lost 6 LEDs over the winter 2012.

3.       Philips AccentLED (replaces a 10w T3 Halogen) for our mizzen backup anchor light. We have a repaired Dr LED on the main mast that we will compare light output and colour with.

a.       The Philips unit draws less than 0.1 amp and is brighter (at 200 feet) than the Dr LED which draws 0.1 amp. Colour temperature is the same

4.       Perko Lock Set to replace the original lockset on the forward head. The white metal interior parts had totally corroded.

5.       Kidde CO detector (battery operated) to replace the current Guardian CO detectors which fail after 1 year.

6.       Harken 150 Cam-Matic cleats with the X-Tream Angle Fairlead to replace a set of Spinlocks which failed during our last crossing.

7.       Nikon 55-300 mm lens to backup the repaired 18-200 mm lens that stopped focusing. I’m looking for a backup D80 body as well.

a.       55-300 zoom is VERY slow to focus but is small and light for a 300mm. The 18-200 is showing sighs of front lens failure again …. Back to the shop in the fall. Swapped the D60 for a 5100 and the D70s for a D80 … I’m happy with the change.


8.       Canon SX130 as backup to the video camera and Nikon SLR. I swore that I would never buy another Canon but at $140 for a 12x optical, 12 megapixel HD capable point and shoot that uses AA’s how could I resist.

a.       Should have resisted … sharpness poor and colour saturation pathetic.


9.       Internet amplified antenna from Bitstorm failed due to a missing gasket allowing the unit to fill with water and short out. Once the unit was replaced and sealed from water intrusion it worked perfectly. Badboy needs to commended for their service and technical support. The unit continued to work flawlessly during 2012.


10.   Newport Diesel Furnace … fuel needle valve leaking (new in 2005) … need to carry spares … A new valve unit costs $200 but a repair kit for units made before 2005 is available for $100. The unit has been repaired and is ready for testing.


11.   The main sea chest Vetus s/s strainer basket has finally worn through and I have not found a replacement. Repaired with high temp sealant (red) since I’m interested to see what sea water does to it (copper in silicon on s/s).

12.   Chainplates removed, inspected, 4 replaced repolished and installed with water diverters



1.       Dr LED anchor light on top of the main mast failed immediately. Jane went up the mast to replace it with a standard bulb but the led came apart preventing its removal. We ended up without an anchor light on the masthead as a result. Backup lighting was used instead. A backup anchor light will be installed on the mizzen and some garden lights with replacement super bright LEDs will be used at deck level. The Dr LED unit was pried from the mount and repaired.

2.       Stainless steel swivel for the anchor lost the retaining bolt even though it was installed with Locktite. If you can’t use seizing wire it doesn’t belong on your anchor. Replaced with Stainless Steel shackle and seizing wire.

3.       A standard Windex flew off the mast in 50 knots. The reason for the failure has not been determined since all the parts are in the ocean.

4.       Nikon: 18-200 Update – The Nikon 18-200 zoom lens continues to have a bad habit of not autofocusing between 30-55 mm (poor performance for a $700 lens). Dealer recommended constant cleaning to keep the units working – doesn’t work. Image quality is not as sharp as expected in fact it can be quite muddy at times even if the filter is kept spotless. I spoke with a number of other 18-200 owners in Europe. ALL had the same issues with lens creep, autofocus issues and lack of sharpness. Finally failed totally in 2011. The unit has been shipped to Nikon for repair.

5.       Standard Horizon CP300i Chartplotter

a.       I bought the unit to replace a Garmin V and PC setup (that still work perfectly) to bring the chart image closer to the helm. Big mistake. The Chart plotter has Newtonian rings on the display during the day and the screen brightness can’t be varied during the night (night mode is far too bright to be usable and the display is unfocused during the day). If you ask the system to show the track the GPS position randomly resets to garbage which causes spikes in the track line and randomly takes you to the garbage location. The unit loves to randomly reset the zoom level sometimes even returns you to where you started. I have sent a request to Standard Horizon and hope they will respond. The unit would provide a great navigation aid if only it were stable.  WASS is NOT enabled.

b.      Update: 2009:

                                                               i.      I contacted Standard Horizon US and was told to return the unit to the place of purchase (England). Standard Horizon in England told me to return the unit to the place of purchase if I wanted any warrantee work done. In other words I would have to sail from Sweden back to Ipswich, England to get the unit repaired. Pity.

                                                             ii.      I spoke with the Standard Horizon folks at the Toronto boat show. They turned me over to the C-Map folks at the show since the CP300i software is supported by C-Map. The C-Map folks told me to call the USA tech line and ask to borrow a software update cartridge which needs to be returned. I’ll update the entry once all this is done.

c.       Update 2010:

                                                               i.      The tech line wanted $150 deposit before they would ship the card so nothing was done. In September the unit toggle failed and stuck in the downward position rendering the unit unusable. We managed to navigate using a backup PC (IBM 600) and Garmin GPS (they rarely fail). The CP300i was shipped back to the repair facility in England. They have replaced the keyboard and keyboard pc board. It will be tested next April when Pilgrim goes back into the water.


d.      Update 2011:

                                                               i.      The unit sort of works. It will fail to start at times unless you power up without a card installed. Once the unit is powered up the card can be reinserted and things work. I would not recommend this unit.




1         Ipod Touch – We purchased the 30GB version to hold music, audio books, podcasts, medical programs and lots of lists. It was an upgrade from the Palm Workpad which served us well for a decade. The transition was and is still difficult. The Touch is geared towards single track music not opera (sequential playing of multiple CDs), games not data storage (no sudirectory support for notes or photos). The separate alpha/numeric keyboards are difficult to use when trying to input passwords or list data. Internet access is poor even with a strong signal. It can’t be used for navigation since there is no GPS or serial/USB interface. Web browsing is difficult due to the small screen size. Better to get an open IPhone if they only supported standard size SIM cards. The new IPad looks cool but would it survive an Atlantic crossing.

2         Xantrex 40 Amp Battery Charger, Xantrex Echo Charger both units installed in 2003 both failed in 2009. Fuses remained intact but internal components were found to be melted and/or burned. Aside from unit failure they could have created a fire situation.

3         2 Trojan T105 Batteries (installed in 2003) replaced with Deka Promaster GC15 batteries in 2009.  The other 2 Trojans T105s have also been removed and were replaced with Dekas in 2010

4         IBM T40 laptop

a.       The unit was bought as a reconditioned off lease unit and works well except for the USB ports. One USB port has totally failed and the other one is marginal. A MB replacement which would fix the problem costs more than a reconed laptop. Using a port replicator is not an option since the USB port is slow (V1) and more than 2 devices overloads it. I bought it to replace a T30 that has a serial port but needs a new MB.

b.      Don’t buy a laptop without V2 USB ports or better still buy a unit with a serial port if you have a serial port GPS.        

c.       End of an era … we are now using netbooks (acer Aspire one … 2GB, 250GB … S7 starter (boo)) for personal use and a T60 for navigation software. The T60 WiFi card is broken so it is a perfect fit for the nav station.



1         Added electric fuel pump to centre tank to speed up fuel transfer rate, new printer, new T43 since both 600s are broken, Yagi antenna for Internet, Nikon D170S, two new 6 volt batteries to replace damaged Trojans, new standoffs for main sheet blocks, redesigned aft mooring line arrangement to ease deployment , new refurbished GPS, new enclosure, new cushions

2         IBM T43 Thinkpad – First went the USB ports then went the PCMCIA dock. I had to install a docking station to regain use of the USB ports. The T40 and T30 failed in much the same manner. The systems were powered via a regulated 12v supply made for the T series so it is not a matter of dirty power. I suspect that corrosion due to salt in the air has more to do with it. We are now left with a flaky T43, a pair of semi functioning 600s. Hope they will last till we get Pilgrim back to North America. I had a look at some Netbooks but they seem very flimsy and may not survive a crossing. Picked up an ASUS netbook for email in England. Works perfectly but is slow due to limited memory and Windows 7 starter limitations. Replaced the 1GB memory with a 2GB stick and started using the SD card as a paging cache device (ReadyBoost) and picked up a second unit for Brian.

3         Powerpulse and Solargizer battery conditioners have not proven effective. I can’t prove they don’t work but I can’t prove they do either.

4         Canon A570

a.       I seem to be having no end of problems with Canon cameras. The A570 started to show unfocused spots on the pic. I sent it in for warrantee repair only to have it returned without the focus working … but luckily the out of focus pics didn’t show any spots. I bought the camera with an underwater case, a very expensive purchase since the case will not fit any other Canon camera. The camera is no longer sold and is unavailable in Toronto. Don’t buy an underwater case unless you buy at least 2 cameras that fit the case. I have given up on Canon and have switched to Nikon.


5         Nikon: D70s/D60 2009 Update – Remove the lens every week to clean the electrical contacts and check the sensor for dust. The Nikon 18-200 zoom lens has a bad habit of not autofocusing between 30-55 mm (poor performance for a $700 lens). Dealer recommended constant cleaning to keep the units working.



1.       Added 2 new 12 volt deep cycle batteries for refrigeration, new printer, two new starter batteries, Finnish propane tank and fittings, propane tank switch over unit, hook for use with stern moorings, installed hooks on bow and stern mooring lines, cut mizzen boom, new mizzen sail, replaced sliders on main, new transmission

2.       Ball valve on holding tank discharge outlet has seized (6 years old). I have not found a way to break it free. At least with tapered valves you could loosen the business end and whack it with a hammer. So much for modern technology

  1. ICOM  HM-127W Remote mic for the M402 VHF radio.

a.       Random failures, weak transmission modulation, random squelch failure. All of the problems turned out to be a bad cable at the mic end. The unit was taken back to the retailer who sent it back to ICOM who said they repaired it. The unit failed within an hour. I took the mic head apart and found a couple of bad wires in the molded cable end. This was a manufacturing defect that was not properly diagnosed or repaired by the retailer/manufacturer.

b.      The radio was replaced with an ICOM 422 and Commander II mic. Both units have worked well.

  1. Whale pump  12v 

a.       The pump was installed with a filter and was used to pump water from the low spot on top of the center fuel tank to the bilge. The pump ran for less than an hour in total (5 minutes at a time) before failure. The motor would run but the unit would not develop a vacuum. I dismantled the pump head and found no contamination or debris. Cause of problem is still unknown and the pump has been replaced with a manual unit for a lot less money.

  1. IPOD

a.       30 GB IPOD will not work from the internal battery after becoming being exposed to a salt water environment. The unit works if left in the charger. The IPOD did not get wet and was in its case. It turns out that the problem was a dead battery (lasted 6 months). The battery was replaced and the new one failed in 5 months. The unit has been confined to the condo in a charger. We are now trying out an Ipod Touch to see if we have any better luck on the boat.


  1. Canon S2 Digital camera

a.       E18 errors if there is any dampness in the air. The camera works well if warm or in a very dry environment … not great for Ireland or England.


  1. Delta faucets

a.       Carry LOTS of spare parts. We have 2 active units on Pilgrim. They all leak after 6 months of use. The repair kits are available free in Canada but not to be found elsewhere. I have replaced the galley unit with a Moen ceramic cartridge faucet and it has worked well for the last year. I’ll be replacing the other 2 Deltas as required with spare Moens.


  1. Garmin

a.       I hate to say it but the Garmin GPS units I have been using have finally failed. The GPS II + still collects data but the display is missing lines … ok if interfaced with a laptop which is how I am now using it. This unit came with the boat.

b.      The GPS V is very erratic and like the Standard Horizon will put us randomly in the Middle East thus screwing up the track facility. Luckily the Garmin and Standard Horizon seem to fail at different times. This unit works well in every other respect BUT I can’t depend on the location data for anchor watch or even a consistent track.  This unit was a reconditioned model bought 2 years ago. WASS is NOT enabled in case you know about the WASS problem.


1         Added a transparent vent tube to the centre fuel tank to allow visual inspection of fill level while refueling

2         Added additional stanchion supported 3 inch tubes to provide storage for boat hooks/rods etc.

3         Made a fish cleaning platform that overhangs the transom

4         Made sun screens for the full enclosure

5         NASA AIS receiver – replaced in 2013 with AIS transponder

6         Standard Horizon chart plotter – many failures … not recommended

7         Sanyo Xacti – The camera is rated for a 5 foot immersion. Trust me … there is no leeway. At 5 foot 2 inches it leaked like a sieve. Luckily the card survived so I could watch the death throws. 


1         Added 406 EPIRB/GPS

2         ICOM M800 marine SSB

3          ICOM  422 VHF

4         Life raft

5         Replaced stern life line with s/s tube

6         Inspected chain plates and standing rigging (4 shrouds replaced)

7         Added bookshelves

8         Replaced portholes with stainless steel

9         Added handholds in main cabin

10     Reinforcing fiberglass on the keel

11     Removed the forward water tank and reworked the area for the main anchor chain, a spare anchor and a water maker / desalinator

12     Added grounding to the mizzen and main shrouds

13     Replace windlass

14     Rebuilt the rudder

15     Added structural reinforcement to mizzen support

16     Added “zincs-in-a-bag” for use in hot marinas

17     Kingston Davits – We Bent the tube on the port side with a 9.5 foot inflatable and had to have braces welded on to keep them from collapsing. The turning blocks on the tube ends chafe through the lines if there is any side-to-side motion of the dink. Kingston was willing to replace a tube at 75% of the full price of the unit. We replaced the Davits in Annapolis with ones made by Kato. Superb. They even hold the dink with motor.

18     And a bunch of other stuff to make life easier  … enjoy life … we plan to …  

19     Flashlights

a.       7 LED Streamlight 4AA made by Streamlight Inc failed due to salt water intrusion into the switch assembly. The unit was supposed to be waterproof and certified for use in hazardous conditions. The switch can be bypassed and the unit can be turned on/off by screwing in the lamp element.


b.      LED headlight assembly 2 red and 3 white LEDS, unknown make but has Carolina on the headband, switch failure prevents use of white LEDs.


c.       Fox 40 dinghy kit contains a flashlight that uses steel components. Guess what … they rust. Check the flashlight every month. The case is not watertight so don’t leave it in the bottom of the dink.

2004, 2005

1.       Ground tackle upgraded with chain rode, added a 60 lb. CQR to the existing 45 lb. CQR – replaced chain and 60 Ib anchor in 2013, sold 45 Lb anchor

2.       Second anchor hawser added, stern anchor mount

3.       Wind generator (Kiss)

4.       SSB radio (Icom 706MkIIG), TNC (Pactor), Antenna tuner (ICOM), SSB 23 foot whip antenna

5.       Second VHF radio and backup antenna

6.       Boarding ladder moved … moved back to aft in 2013

7.       Wind steering (auto-helm) … removed in 2012

8.       Smart controller and high power alternator

9.       240-120 transformer

10.   Refrigeration replaced with EZ-Cold units (air/water- 12v)

11.   New main sail (Quantum), new 130% Genoa (Quantum), modified mizzen (Quantum), boom modified to “Park Avenue” style

12.   Inflatable dinghy (Achillies) which we did not like and therefore added a Boatex hard dinghy, which we love, outboard motor (Mercury) 5 HP which we detest

13.   Two 865 watt solar panels (BP)

14.   North Sea survival suits

15.   New cushions in main cabin


1.       Fuel system reworked, fuel tanks cleaned, centre tank inspection plate modification, fuel polisher – added water separator

2.       Propeller replaced (Veriprop)

3.       Bottom sanded to gel coat, epoxy moisture barrier on bottom

4.       Teak refinished – annual task

5.       Radar (JRC1200)

6.       Full enclosure (Island Canvas) – canvas replaced in Sweden

7.       New staysail (Quantum) – recut for fuller in 2013

8.       Smart charger– replaced in Germany

9.       Inverter


1.       Canadian safety equipment - SOLAS flairs,  MOB ring, Life sling, PFDs, fire extinguishers, bilge pump and switch

2.        VHF radio (ICOM 4200)

3.        House batteries (4xTrojan T20) and enclosures (Blue Wave) – died in Sweden - replaced with Deka Promaster GC15 batteries in 2009 and 2010

4.        CO and fire detectors – need replacing every 2 years due to salt water environment

5.        Heads, sink and head hoses – need to rebuild every few years – carry lots of joker valves

6.       Engine mounts, engine hoses, engine anodes – replace ALL anodes every year

7.       Wind speed/direction (Auto Helm ST-40)

8.       Speed Log (Auto Helm ST-40) but using a ST-60 transducer

9.        ST-600 remote control

10.    Depth (Hummingbird) mounted inside hull

11.    GPS (Garmin)

12.     computer (Shuttle) lasted 2 years – replaced with T series laptops