A very unpleasent 3 day trip around Cape Hatteras

Dead tired after Hatteras with a complex route to steer to the Moorhead City marina

Moorhead City collection of new and used sailboats

Our friend Brian describing his latest treasure

What happens when 120 volts and water mix

Vertical Takeoff and Landing ... needs to be seen before believing

Major cross rips coming into Winyah Bay

Winyah Bay entrance light ... not there when Jane's ancestores landed at Winyah Bay

Desalting after the Hatteras and Winyah Bay trips

Desalting after spending a week barefoot in salt water

Winyah Bay. Reed beds. Raw material for Gullah basket weaving

ICW between Winyah Bay and Charleston SC

Anchored boat beyond the reed beds

Lovely homes along the ICW

Controlled ??? burn

Fly-by rubber neckers watching the fire

Storm or insurance claim ??

Charleston becons

Shallow water fishing

At least we know where we are

A very loud group if you ruffle the water

Wake watchers enforcers

Looks as if someone forgot Red-Right-Returning

Cooper River Bridge, Charleston

The Charleston Mega Dock in the background

Pilgrim at the almost mega dock

Vital supplies for the trip south

Looking for an afternoon snack

Charleston student homes

Charleston troll homes

Old South style

Grand old south styles

Almost as good as the Kings Cross Station Platform 9 3/4

You wanna a basket ... I gotta basket

The Charleston City Market

Don't analyze ... just appreciate

Last look at the architecture while departing Charleston

Gull feeding station

I guess the fishing was great

Collateral Damage

At least some of it goes to feed the birds

A place to go if you need your bottom scrapped

Subs and nucs repair building ... Trident class

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island Sea Camp

We're on land ... and found the no-seeums ... fun

Spanish moss and resurrection fern

An animated tour guide ... more info than we really needed

ruins ... what happens when you don't take care of your stuff

walkways so that you don't ruin the landscape

Walkway Patrol ... don't even think about getting off the walkway

Fine sand, fine surf, fine day

A bunch of one legged shore birds

A bunch of one legged shore birds tired of standing on one leg

horseshoe crab ... could be laying eggs or just demised

Just demised

Surf fishing

Live Oak garden

Do you dare enter ??

Another Whitby 42

Yes it did rain

Wild horses rule at Cumberland

Spanish moss

Live oaks

Sand dunes

A walk on the wild side

A gull hovering in 20 knotes of wind

Just like windy Chicago

Yes they have cross walks even in a wilderness park

Yes cross walks even apply to armendillos

and snakes

The hogs don't stop for anything or anybody

Resurrection fern in full growth

What do you call a three road split ... confusing

Wild horses and a Grayfields Inn cottage

Cumberland Island fungus

Cumberland Island fungus

Cumberland Island fungus

Cumberland Island fungus

Cumberland Island fungus

Cumberland Island fungus

Cumberland Island fungus

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island slug

Cumberland Island deer

Cumberland Island oranges

Lost navigation marker

Road to the sea

Cumberland Island ... Dunguness ruins

a rodent with a great press agent

The ruins are home to rattle snakes ... I guess she wants to see one up close

Cumberland Island ... Dunguness ruins

If there are horses on the road you wait until they move

The Settlements 1 st A. B. Church founded in 1893 ... site of John John Kennedy's wedding

All the pews were custom made by or for the church family members

No heat made it a chilly winter service

A bit rundown but it was used to entertained the cream of the American political system including Jimmy Carter

Plum Orchard Mansion South wing

Plum Orchard Mansion grounds

Plum Orchard Mansion front entrance

Plum Orchard Mansion front hall made up for Christmas

Dinning room set for Christmas ... Lucy the ever watchful hanging on the wall

A doll house replica of their real winter house

A kitchen for many cooks and not an electrical appliance in sight

The latest craze in modern kitchens ... 2 ... count them ... 2 washup sinks

The pool was seldom used ... it might have been the artesian well water they were using ... brrr

Fishing off the Florida coast

Flying fish that stopped flying

Lake Worth Mega Yacht storage ... all shrink wrapped with care

Scruffy the Lake Worth Osprey ... with lunch

Pilgrim's Christmas tree, Saint Nick and Olivia the pig (angel) watching over us

Jane the Christmas elf with breakfast