Little Bay Island harbour ... the entry channel is very small

Being towed out of Little Bay Island

Being towed into Lewisporte

The Beast ... the orange hose and pump are used to do an oil change

Exhaust manifold ... large intake port and two smaller exhaust ports

Carbon buildup on the exhaust ports ... overloaded at too low an rpm

The exhaust manifold that proved to be ok but a bit carboned up

The connector bolts from the exhaust manifold to head ... must go in the same place they came out of

All holes that get exposed must be plugged to stop stuff from falling into them

diesel fuel pipe into secondary filters leaked for a while

Valve cover, coolant header, fuel filters, exhaust manifold removed

You need to tie up the rocker arm rack to keep it together

Rocker arms removed ... injectors left in for testing

Head removed ... note dark stain on lower part of 3rd set of valves from right ... gasket break

Samples ... L to R ... Oil and glycol, Oil and water, Glycol and exhaust gasses

Initial removeal of carbon from exhaust ports

A large amount of carbon clogging the ports

The only way to get the carbon out

Engine part storage

More engine parts

Exhaust header insulation being removed prior to inspection

6 years and signs of wear are appearing on the exhaust header

The rebuilt head makes an appearence

Clean and carbon free

You can even see the valve stems

Fresh paint makes it look new

Wow ... no carbon

Have rope will lift

Head on, fuel ports protected and head bolts finger tight

Blue tape indicates which bolt is being worked on during the 3 phase tightening sequence

The large torque wrench required for the head bolts

This bolt has been torqued to 90 ft-lbs plus 90 degreees

Rocker arm assembly being reinstalled

Push rods in place and everything torqued down

Fuel filters installed

Block and tackle used to position the exhaust manifold

Reinstallation almost complete

Final addition of the exhaust header

Have wrench ... will travel